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When to Restring Badminton Racket?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

There are plenty of other reasons as to why and when to restring your Badminton Racket. We will try to answer the question in detail in this article.

Let’s dive right into –

When to Restring Badminton Racket

When to restring Badminton Racket

With time, strings of a Badminton Racket break and fray with prolonged usage. This decreases the string tension of your racket which further reduces the strength of your shots.

On should restring their Badminton Racket due to such reasons –

1. Strings of a Badminton Racket is Broken

One of the most obvious reasons of restringing your racket is when the strings are broken or torn. Although, the strings are quite strong and are not likely to break unless you are playing with the racket for a long time, but with prolonged usage, they tend to break.

Strings of a Badminton Racket could be broken for various reasons like broken grommets, temperature changes, low-quality strings, misalignment of strings, etc. However, the most common reason of broken strings is natural wear and tear. With long and heavy usage of your racket, the strings tend to get weak and break.

Even if the racket is not used for a long time, strings get weak, and tend to break unexpectedly once you start playing. That is why it is recommended to restring your racket after a period of inactivity of about 3-4 months.

Strings can also be broken with carelessness or with heavy impacts. Make sure to take proper care of your racket. While restringing your racket, choosing the proper and appropriate tension capacity is also necessary. Choosing the wrong tension capacity for your racket can also lead to string damage.

2. When the strings of Badminton Racket get loose

Another reason to restring Badminton Racket is if the strings become loose. The string tension refers to how tightly the strings are tied to the racket. The tighter the strings are tied to the racket, the higher the capacity and vice versa.

Through the passage of time, strings become loose, and the string tension of the racket is gradually lost.

Although, the rate at which the strings lose its tension differs on various factors like type of string, tension capacity, frequency of playing etc., they need to be restrung the keep the dignity of your racket.

3. Improper String Tension

The tension capacity of the strings of a racket plays an important role in a typical badminton match. As we have already discussed, string tension refers to how tightly the strings are attached to the racket. Lack of proper string tension can result in inaccurate and weaker shots.

Generally, low string tension is recommended for beginners while high string tension is recommended for professional players.

Think of a time when you are trying to hit as hard as you can but still it doesn’t reach the desired strength or the time when most of your shots are crossing the outside line even when you are not hitting the shuttle that hard. This is because you have chosen a tension capacity that is not compatible with your current skill level.

Improper string tension is another rational reason why you should consider restringing your racket. The right string tension allows you to optimize your current performance while also increasing your skills.

4. Poor Choice of Strings

Many people are unaware of the fact that the strings of a badminton racket differ from each other in terms of thickness, material used, texture etc. Some are thicker than the other. Some are made up of nylon while in some, natural gut is used. They can be monofilament or multifilament or microfilament with braided or smooth texture.

Thicker strings offer longer durability while thinner strings provide higher repulsion power. Similarly, nylon is stronger and lasts longer while animal gut provides more power and better control. That is the reason why nylon is much more popular than natural gut for the manufacturing of strings of the Badminton Rackets.

Therefore, it is important for a player to consider the type, quality and texture of the strings while buying a racket.

5. Safeguarding the frame of the Badminton Racket

Loose, uneven, and improper string tension capacity are some of the many reasons why the structural integrity of frame of the badminton racket is compromised.

Modern rackets are designed to be lightweight to provide a better in-hand feel. But this also makes the structure of the racket weaker and delicate. This further increases the need to choose the right string tension for your racket.

Badminton Rackets have a maximum string tension capacity that it can hold without damaging the frame of the racket. Opting for a higher string tension without considering the maximum bearing capacity of the racket can and eventually will damage the frame of your racket.

So, if you have unknowingly opted for a higher string tension or feel your racket has lost its tension capacity, it might be a good idea to restring your badminton racket.

Badminton Racket Stringing Guide

We have arranged a stringing guide for our viewers to help them further.

Best Badminton Racket String Tension

The strings on the head of the Badminton Racket, which is divided into mains and cross, where main is the vertical string lines and cross is the horizontal string lines are known as Badminton Racket strings.

String tension refers to how tightly the strings are tied to the racket, where the tighter the strings are tied, the higher the string tension and vice versa. The string tension is measured in pounds(lbs.).

If strings are tightly tied together, i.e. in high string tension, smaller concentrated sweet spots are created on the string bed. This increases the accuracy and sharpness. But, tighter string bed also means that string bed is less bouncy which means less repulsion power.

Similarly, as we go on decreasing the string tension, the accuracy and sharpness of the racket decreases, but the repulsion power increases.

How to choose Badminton Racket string

A player should be very careful while choosing a string tension for their Badminton Racket. A player should keep in mind 2 things -

1. Badminton Racket string tension capacity

The first thing one should check before looking for the right string tension is to check the string tension capacity of their Badminton Racket. Most modern rackets aim to be lightweight which often make them fragile and easy to break. This is the reason why one must check the capacity of their Badminton Racket up to which it can hold a string tightly without breaking.

2. Level of player

The second thing one must determine before choosing the perfect string tension for themselves is their level. If they are a beginner to the game or an intermediate player who is looking to improve their game or an expert who is looking for a practice racket.

Generally, experts prefer a string tension of 27 lbs. or above. A string tension of 22 lbs. to 27 lbs. is recommended for intermediate players and a lower string tension is suggested for beginners.

How much string is needed for a Badminton Racket

The amount of string needed for a Badminton Racket solely depends upon the size of the racket. A typical badminton racket requires 9 meters to 10 meters of string with a diameter of 0.60mm to 0.70mm.

Oher Important Questions

Some other commonly asked important questions are as follows-

Where to restring Badminton Rackets in Singapore

Although there are multiple small sports retail owners who provide the service of restringing, Decathlon Singapore is a major sports brand that offers to restring Badminton Rackets in their stores.

How to increase tension of Badminton Rackets

Each Badminton Racket has a specific string tension capacity which is capacity of the racket to bear a certain level of string tension without compromising its own structure integrity. This tension capacity of the racket can not be increased.

However, if a racket has a particular string tension capacity, then its higher string tension could achieve up to that capacity.

How long does a Badminton Racket lasts

Although a typical badminton Racket could last up to 3 years, it solely depends on the frequency of use. Also, the brand, built quality, string tension capacity, racket material, etc., also plays a significant role.

How often do Badminton Racket strings break

This also depends on the frequency of use. If you are playing 3 to 4 times a day, restringing may be required every 3 months.

How long does it take to restring Badminton Racket

For a typical badminton Racket to be restrung properly, approximately 30 minutes to 45 minutes are required. However, due to many reasons like unavailability of stock, etc., the stores could give you a longer waiting period for about 1 to 2 days.


In this article, we discussed about when to restring Badminton Racket, how to choose a string for Badminton Rackets, Best Badminton Racket string tension capacity and much more. We hope we were able to contribute towards our mutual love for badminton.

Check out How Badminton racket is made to understand more about the specifications and types of Badminton Rackets.

We are happy to share our expertise and knowledge with our viewers and hope that we were able to meet the expectations of providing the accurate information about the topic. Thank You for your time and patience!!

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