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YONEX Graphite Badminton Racquet, Muscle Power 22LT Black Blue

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Get Yours on Amazon here:

If you are someone who's looking to improve their game and loves to play with head-heavy rackets, then check out the powerful Yonex Power Series Badminton Racket as it might be what you need.

With thousands of reviews and an average 4.2-star rating, it is ranked amongst the top 20 rackets on Amazon. Apart from its high ranking, its efficient performance and built quality have ensured its high position in the market for years.

The Yonex Power Series is made up of Graphite and Carbon-Fiber. The frame is carefully designed to ensure that the maximum level of repulsion is reached to boost up your smashes. The graphite frame and shaft provide a shock-less system experience. Furthermore, the built-in joint and heavy endurance make it even stronger and more reliable.

The Muscle Power Series is specially designed to help you improve your game and you will feel the best of this racket in a month or so when you realize how amazing control you can have with it. The strong and sturdy graphite built is what separates it from other rackets. The series is slightly heavier in comparison with other rackets due to its strong and invulnerable structure.

And the best part yet? It also comes with a free full cover to keep it safe and a slim shaft to increase the in-hand experience.

The is an isometric-shaped racket. This means that the shape of the head will be slightly flat ensuring good repulsion power irrespective of where the shuttle hits on the racket. This helps you gather almost all your shots with enough power for smashes. If you are someone who loves smashes, this is the one for you. However, if you are more into shot precision and control, an oval-shaped racket is recommended.

Although the original grip is quite good, you might want to use an over-grip for increased efficiency and comfort.

So who should buy this? Being a strong, reliable, and efficient badminton racket, it is highly suggested for intermediate players to help them improve their game. An isometric-shaped racket like this one is also recommended to beginners as it enables them to play with less precision and accuracy.

The Yonex Muscle Power Series is a top-notch head heavy badminton racket with a strong and reliable built quality, increased level of repulsion power, and better in-hand feel. It is also recommended for various levels of players as it provides a stable and secure experience and helps them improve their game and confidence. This badminton racket provides a high level of performance in comparison to other badminton rackets and it is one of the main reasons for its consistent top position in the market. Moreover, the efficient pricing in comparison to its performance makes it even more worthy for you.

Get Yours on Amazon here:

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