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Best ways to take care of your Badminton Racket

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Like any other sport equipment, badminton rackets too require some care and maintenance to avoid any possible damage to the racket. Proper maintenance also increases the lifespan and durability of your racket.

Let’s dive straight into-

  • How to store Badminton Racket at home

  • How to protect Badminton Racket frame

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a) Avoiding paint chip in Badminton Racket

b) Badminton Racket frame protection tape

c) Badminton Racket stringer

d) How to Take care of your Badminton Racket

Best ways to take care of your Badminton Racket

How to store Badminton Racket at home

The most important way to take care of your Badminton Racket is to store it carefully. Always use original case of the racket for storing it, especially when you are travelling.

The durability and lifespan of your racket directly depends on the level and maintenance you can provide to your racket. You should take proper measures to keep your racket safe.

Avoid keeping any other accessories inside the same bag as it may cause scratches on your racket. Even if you want to store the accessories in the same bag, make sure the bag has separate compartments for the same.

To prevent your racket from corrosion, it is recommended to store it in a waterproof carry bag and avoid any direct contact of water. Further, to increase protection from corrosion, you can also try painting your racket which will surely protect your racket against corrosion.

It is a well-known fact that proper maintenance helps in improving the strength and performance of the racket. Players should be careful about how and where they store their badminton rackets as this may indirectly affect their performance in the game.

Fortunately, taking care of your badminton racket is easy and convenient and almost anyone can do it.

How to protect Badminton Racket frame

Some ways to protect and maintain your Badminton Racket frame are listed below.

String Care

The first and most important part of the racket that you should be very careful with is its string. Strings are easier to weaken and break with continuous and regular use of the racket. However, improper handling and storing of the racket may also cause damage to the strings.

The tighter the strings are tied to the racket, the higher the string tension capacity and vice versa. High string tension means that strings are tied tightly to the racket which leads to less bouncy string bed and increased control. Similarly, low string tension means that strings are tied loosely to the racket which leads to more bouncy string bed and increased strength. String tension should be opted according to the level of the player and the capacity of the racket to withstand it.

If strings are tied tighter than the racket’s capacity to withstand it, it may damage the structure and frame of the racket. Similarly, improper care may damage or loosen the strings which will reduce the performance of your racket.

It is always recommended to choose the correct and appropriate string capacity for your racket to avoid any kind of structural damage. Make sure to avoid keeping heavy objects on the string bed as it may break them.

Grommet Safe Keeping

Grommets are the second most important part of the racket which requires proper care. Grommets are the small cylinders that attaches the strings to frame. The strings pass through grommets to connect to the racket.

Grommets provide safety to the string or else it would press itself against the frame. Without grommet, a simple miss-hit may cause the strings to break. This is the reason why grommets are so important in a racket.

Replacing or repairing the broken grommets is extremely important to secure the frame and string of a badminton racket. Depending on the situation, you can either replace or repair the broken grommets. By taking proper care of the grommets, the life of frame and string of a racket increases. A complete grommet replacement takes about 20-30 minutes. It is extremely important to take proper care of the grommets and immediately repair or replace the broken once as it will, sooner or later, damage the strings or frame of your badminton racket.

Avoid Direct Heat

It is pretty common that some people may leave their racket carelessly in their car or outside on a bright sunny day. This may damage the structural integrity of your racket. This is because graphite and high modulus rackets melt in high temperature.

During summer, the temperature is increased enough to melt and destabilize the structural integrity of the racket. The vehicles too get extremely hot in summer day and the temperature inside the vehicle increases.

Storing the racket in high temperatures will consequently start melting the graphite, carbon fiber and other high modulus materials of the racket that leads to distorted shape of the badminton racket. It is, therefore, recommended to store your racket in cool and dry place.

Proper Grip Maintenance

Every racket comes with a basic hand grip. There are basically two kinds of materials used in hand grips namely cotton and polyurethane. If you play in a hot and humid area, then you should consider using a cotton-based towel over-grip.

With continuous usage, the hand grip tends to wear off over time and you might need to replace it with a new one.

Generally, you should consider changing the grip of your racket every 3-4 months. It might last longer or shorter according to the type and material of handle grip.

Consider replacing the grip once in 3 to 4 months to maintain comfortability and handling of your racket. If your newly replaced grip starts to come off from a certain part, you might consider using tape to cover that area temporary. This will temporary, prevent any further damage.

Minimize Poor Handling

This is common for beginners to band or crash their racket on the ground. While playing, they often touch or slides their racket on the ground which may break grommets or damage the frame.

They are not aware of the fact how harmful this may be for their rackets. Poor handling is one of the most common reasons of frame distortion and compromised structural integrity.

It is recommended to maintain safe distance from the ground to prevent frame from damaging. Also consider using protection tape that is used by tennis players to safeguard your racket.

Other Related Questions

The answer to the most related questions is listed below-

Avoiding Paint chip in Badminton Racket

Sometimes the paint of the Badminton Racket is chipped off. This happens due to multiple reasons, which one should avoid, are listed below-

  • Smashing Badminton Racket on the ground

  • Not storing Badminton Racket in original case

  • Clashing Badminton Racket with other rackets

Badminton Racket frame protection tape

To increase the life of Badminton Racket, some players prefer to use a protection tape that prevents it, to some extent, from damage.

The protection tape has proven to be helpful for a lot of Badminton lovers.

Badminton Racket stringer

Badminton Racket stringer is a device that is used to attach strings to the grommet to increase or re-establish string tension.

How to take care of your Badminton Racket

As we have already discussed, taking care of your Badminton Racket involves a lot of things. Some of the most important ones are mentioned below-


This was our article on taking care of your Badminton Rackets to keep your loved Badminton Racket safe and sound. We hope we were able to provide some valuable information.

We are happy to share our expertise and knowledge with our viewers and hope that we were able to meet the expectations of providing the accurate information about the topic. Thank You for your time and patience!!

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